Extract Labs Delta 8 Extract Sauce



As a result of our hemp farmer’s unwavering perseverance, Martian Candy delivers otherworldy Indica strain vibes in this full spectrum oil. An herbaceous blend of flavors punctuated with eucalyptus and a sprinkling of martian dust.

  • 600mg ?8 / 300mg CBC
  • Indica dominant hybrid
  • Cannabis terpenes
  • Full spectrum (less than 0.3% THC)
  • American hemp

Extract Labs’ full spectrum Extract Sauce CBD concentrate line delivers popular cannabinoids in convenient, premixed ratios. Combining feedback from our community with extensive internal testing, each syringe’s cannabinoid profile is optimized for effect. Paired with our Private Reserve terpenes, our Extract Sauce is an evolution to the distillate syringe. Each Extract Sauce syringe only contains CO2-extracted distillate and cannabis-derived terpenes.

Ingredients: Delta 8 distillate, CBC distillate, cannabis-derived terpenes.

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